TikTok star Azziad Nasenya recently shared a series of no make-up photos on social media, which sparked a buzz among her fans and followers. While some people left unkind comments about her skin, Azziad took it all in stride and used the opportunity to talk about her acne journey. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Azziad’s story and the lessons she learned along the way.

Azziad Nasenya Severe Acne Photos
Photos of Azziad Nasenya with Severe Acne

Azziad’s acne journey began seven years ago when she was in Form Two. Like many teenagers, she was willing to try any home remedies that were suggested to her. This included remedies like toothpaste and aloe vera. However, her acne continued to worsen, and she eventually decided to seek professional help. In 2020, she visited a dermatologist, but the prescribed medications didn’t work. Undeterred, she went to a second dermatologist who was able to clear up her skin. Unfortunately, her acne bounced back.

Despite the setback, Azziad refused to give up and decided to try monthly facials in 2022, alongside daily medication. She didn’t see results until July, but she eventually noticed a significant improvement in her skin. Azziad attributed her acne to genetics and her high protein diet. Thanks to her perseverance and determination she has found her find a solution.

Azziad’s journey taught her several valuable lessons that she shared with her followers. She stressed the importance of seeking professional help when dealing with intense acne, getting a skin test before using any new products, being diligent in one’s skincare routine, applying sunscreen, and most importantly, being patient and confident in one’s skin. She also advised against poking acne, listening to online dermatologists, and sleeping with makeup on.

Azziad Nasenya Transformation

Azziad Nasenya’s story is a testament to the fact that dealing with acne can be a challenging and frustrating journey. However, with persistence and a willingness to seek professional help, it’s possible to overcome it. Her tips and advice serve as a useful guide for anyone dealing with acne or other skin issues.